The AAAI-20 Workshop on Intelligent Process Automation

Hilton New York Midtown, New York, NY, USA

February 7th 2020

TL;DR: A one-day AAAI-20 workshop focusing on learning structured & executable processes (programs) from human demonstrations, natural language specifications, or interactions with an environment. Submissions of previously unpublished or recently published papers welcome. $1000 Best Paper Award. Free lunch for authors. Non-archival proceedings.

How to free people from the mundane and repetitive parts of their daily workload? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) addresses this problem by developing software agents (robots) that can mimic human users to perform a variety of business tasks on their computers (e.g., processing the invoices received from emails). Since the term RPA was coined by Blue Prism in 2012, it has spread through enterprises in many different industrial sections (finance, health, telecommunication, manufacturing, and so on). It is estimated that the RPA software market will reach $3.97 billion by 2025.

Current RPA systems are mostly rule-based. Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to take RPA to new heights, but so far the AI research efforts related to the different aspects of RPA have been largely isolated. This AAAI-20 workshop aims to bridge the gap between the rapidly growing RPA software industry and the AI research community. It will bring together researchers from different fields to exchange ideas and foster discussions on this important, novel application domain for AI.

Workshop Topics

Technical topics include, but are not limited to:

The common theme is that the learning system’s output would not be simply class labels or numerical predictions, but structured & executable processes (in the form of state-action policies, if-this-then-that rules, finite-state automatons, or programs in domain-specific languages), which makes it more challenging than most of today’s machine learning research problems. In addition, such automated processes must be safe, robust and explainable to be ready for enterprise-level applications, which also poses new research challenges. 

Furthermore, this workshop strongly encourages interdisciplinary submissions from psychologists, economists, or social scientists on the following topics.

Paper Submission

We welcome contributions of two types.

All submissions should be formatted in the AAAI-20 style and will be peer-reviewed by multiple reviewers. The authors' identities must be concealed to enable double-blind peer-review, and all the conflicts of interests must be declared in advance. The accepted papers will be published on arXiv.org and they will be included in a non-archival workshop proceedings (which does not prevent the authors from submitting them to other venues in the future). Blue Prism will sponsor a Best Paper Award of $1000. It will be selected from the accepted papers by a committee consisting of both academic and industrial experts.


Important Dates

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Workshop Programme

Friday, February 7th 2020. [@ Concourse C on the Concourse floor]

Online Proceedings: arXiv:2001.05214 

Programme Committee

Best Paper Committee

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